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Quick and Efficient IT Translation Service at Affordable RateWhether your IT firm or department is looking to expand globally with new marketing texts, needs to localise user manuals into the native languages of your product's customers, or needs to update the operating system for your Chinese subsidiary, RixTrans has the resources and the professional expertise to help you find a solution - quickly and at affordable rate.
You wouldn't put your illustrator to work on a coding project, and we feel the same: which is why we only place each job with the correct translator, leaving IT translation in the competent hands of our IT experts.
IT translation service is always provided by a native speaker of the target language with experience of the target market and extensive knowledge of the specific subject area, after which another linguist takes care of proofreading. In addition to this, we are able to provide in-house QA (Quality Audits), technical support and DTP services.
We guarantee absolute accuracy. Technical manuals or coding requires precise attention to detail and maintaining exact layouts if software or systems are to perform correctly. We ensure this by combining the latest versions of computer-aided translation (CAT) software with experienced, human translators.
The innovative technologies we use for our IT translations enable us to handle large volumes quickly and effectively. By applying translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases, we're able to reduce overall translation costs considerably.
What do you need translating? We can translate everything from eLearning materials, product specifications, installation manuals and CAD to websites, operating systems, anti-virus software and patent documents. Our network of highly technical, tried and trusted freelance translators enables us to translate telecommunication and support systems as well as desktop and server software applications. We specialise in the translation of user manuals and tutorials, and can also help you with your software localisation project.
We are always happy to hear from you for a free consultation: alternatively, continue clicking around our website to find out more about how RixTrans can make your IT project available in multiple languages.

Benefits of Choosing RixTrans IT or Software Translation Service

  • RixTrans IT and software translation services will help you to generate more sales. According to our experience and market surveys, customers prefer reading in their native language and are more likely to buy products or services offered in their mother tongue.
  • Your IT or software localisation project will be in good hands. At RixTrans we put a large up-front investment into team selection to ensure that our translators, editors and proofreaders have the right mix of subject skills combining previous IT experience and software skills. Our linguists who specialize in software translation can provide in-depth expertise even outside the actual task of translation as they know a lot about software development, character limitations, internationalization issues, and the types of conventions, content or terminology that work best in the target language, even if it differs from the original source text.
  • Your IT or software localisation documentation will be translated by using the most up-to-date technologies, specialized software dictionaries and other resources to achieve the consistency and accuracy throughout all your assignments.
  • You will enjoy a quick, trouble-free translation process and benefit from punctual delivery, open communication, outstanding client service and tailor-made innovative IT solutions.
  • As our valued client, you will be serviced by a dedicated project manager. Direct contact will allow us to jointly make quick decisions with shorter response times and ensure that all your queries are answered and clarified more efficiently.
  • Whatever is the scale of your IT project, RixTrans offers competitive pricing and guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery.