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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I obtain a quote?
    The best way to receive a translation quote is to send an e-mail to us at You can also reach us by phone, Skype, or by completing our contact form. 
  • What is TEP?
    TEP, or Translation + Editing + Proofreading, covers the three most common steps of our standard translation project workflow. 
  • What is editing?
    Editing is the process of making a comparison between source and target text, and checking for any kind of errors, such as inaccuracies in comprehension, meaning, grammar and punctuation, terminology, style, and any non-compliance with the project's instructions. 
  • What is proofreading?
    Proofreading is the final step in the RixTrans translation Quality Assurance process, and is carried out once text editing and final revisions have been done. The main objective of the proofreading process is to ensure that the translated document reads smoothly and sounds natural in the target language. 
  • What is localisation?
    Localisation is the conversion of a product’s functional properties and characteristics from its source language to the target language in which the product will be used. 
  • What is the RixTrans pricing policy and its rates?
    We always strive to provide our clients with the highest quality translations at the most competitive prices. To learn more, please send your document to us and we will provide you with the quote and delivery deadline that perfectly suits your needs.


  • Do you work with native speakers?
    As a RixTrans client, you will always receive a service which includes a quality translation that has been completed by a native speaker of the target language, along with a document proofreading which has been carried out by another linguistic professional and a native in the target language.
  • Where are your translators located?
    Our linguists work from different countries and time zones all over the world, thereby ensuring our service availability at all times. 
  • What languages do you offer?
    Our core specialisation is translation to and from European and Scandinavian languages, but our experience and vast vendor database allows us to undertake translation projects covering almost any language pair and subject matter.
  • I don’t see my language pair listed on your website. Where can I get a full list of the languages that you provide?
    It would be better to contact us directly and check on our current availability with the project manager. Your inquiry will receive a response within about half an hour. 


  • How do I hand in documents? Do I need to bring the document to your translation office?
    Normally documents are sent to us and delivered back to you via email. If you want to visit our office, please let us know this beforehand and we’ll schedule an appointment for you!
  • How can I send a file that is larger than 10Mb?
    The easiest way would be to use our client portal. But you may also use Skype, DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, or any other relevant file sharing service. Please contact us for further details.
  • What document types can be processed?
    We work with all kinds of files including MS Office, PDFs, InDesign, FrameMaker, HTML, XML and many other formats.
  • Is it possible to maintain the page layout?
    Yes, in most cases this is already included in our translation price. 
  • How can I receive translated documents?
    Translated documents are usually sent to you via your email address. Delivery via FTP server, courier, or normal post is also available upon request.

Price offer

  • How is the price calculated?
    Number of words in the source document - the translation cost can be determined in numerous different ways, but here at RixTrans we are using wordcount quote, which is more advanced and beneficial for any translation buyer.
  • How do you send a quote?
    Our translation quote is sent to you via email.
  • For how long is a quote valid?
    Every translation quote is valid for seven days from the date of being issued.

The Translation Process

  • Do you offer a test translation?
    Samples of our previous work are available for your evaluation upon request. In some cases free test translations of up to 250 words are also available. Please contact us for further details.
  • How long will my translation take?
    Each project is unique, and because of a number of factors it is almost impossible to predict the delivery deadline without seeing the source document. Please send in your files and allow one of our project managers to prepare a quote and get back to you personally.
  • Do you offer certified translations?
    RixTrans currently offers translations with notary certification, translations authorised by a sworn translator and apostille, as well as Document Legalisation. Please contact us for details.
  • Do you offer live interpretation services?
    Yes, we do! Please contact us for details.
  • Do you translate websites?
    Yes, we do! We can even integrate with your CMS system, so that translations are always synchronised with your content.
  • How can I check the status of my translation?
    The progress of a translation can be followed via our client platform. You just have to log in with your username and password and you’ll have all the information there. Or you can always drop a line to our project manager!

Quality and Guarantees

  • How do you select and test your translators?
    Every translator is required to pass a very strict qualification process which includes a subject-specific language test, verification of past experience, a reference check, and a trial period in which prospective translators are screened not only for language proficiency, but also for technical knowledge, their ability to follow instructions, and on-time delivery. Only the best translators are passed and retained in our database of active linguists.
  • What qualifications do they hold?
    The basic requirements that translators must meet in order to proceed to the testing process include a university degree in linguistics and/or a minimum of five years of professional experience in their areas of expertise, and relevant proof of their educational background and certifications.
  • How do you ensure that my translation is accurate?
    Please refer to our translation Quality Assurance workflow here.
  • What guarantees do I have regarding quality?
    RixTrans provides a 100% service guarantee for all your translations. If you are not completely satisfied with our work then we will correct any quality issues which have a firm basis, free of charge, until they meet your requirements.
  • What guarantees do I have regarding deadlines?
    RixTrans can almost always meet your delivery deadlines, no matter how demanding they are. However, in order to accommodate your urgent requirements it is sometimes necessary to work on weekends or after hours, which can affect the translation rate we will charge.
  • Do you keep our data confidential?
    All of our staff, our linguists and other professionals have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements. We are also ready to sign your own NDA agreement. 
  • Can I provide feedback on my translation?
    Yes, we even encourage you to do so! It will help us to understand your requirements better and improve our service.


  • How will I get an invoice?
    Our invoice will be sent out to you via email.
  • What is the payment date?
    Our standard invoice payment terms are 30 days net.
  • What currencies do you accept?
    We can accept all currencies, but we mainly work with GBP, EUR, USD, and SEK. Please let us know the currency in which you would like to receive your quote. 
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Our preferable method of payment is bank wire transfers only. For invoices below 100 EUR, payments via or are also available. We DO NOT ACCEPT BANK CHEQUES.
  • Will you send me a hard-copy invoice?
    If that’s necessary. Please let us know and our invoice hard-copy will be sent out to you via normal post, free of charge.


  • Do you use machine translation?
    No, we provide human translations only. 
  • Who are your primary customers?
    Our customers come from various business areas. But our core specialisations are legal, finance, technical, medical and marketing text translations.
  • Do you translate on weekends and public holidays?
    We strive to offer 24/7 x 365 availability to all of our clients. But please inform us of this beforehand so that we can plan our schedule.