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Why RIX?

Why choose translation company RixTrans as language service providerRixTrans is a professional, reliable and affordable translation company which offers quality language services in over a hundred different languages. Our service comprises multilingual translation, interpreting, localization, editing, proofreading, subtitling, desktop publishing and other language industry-related services. 

This is nothing new and you have heard it before? Yes, you’re right. This is why we want to share a few ideas on how our language services could help you to grow your business:
  1. Our clients, such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Husqvarna, Knauf, Yamaha and others, do not succeed in one country alone. They sell their products all over the world and this is something that would not be possible without professional translation services. Remember that some time ago these were all small companies that nobody knew about until they decided to go global. Why don’t you give it a shoot with affordable RixTrans language services?
  2. Google, which is also among our list of end clients, localize content into all major languages as they understand that global success is possible only if you succeed on the local scale. RixTrans translation company is certainly not the main character in the Google success story, but we still feel proud to be a little part of it. We would feel honoured to be a part of your success story too!
Former German Chancellor Willy Brandt once said: “If I am selling to you, then I will speak your language, aber wenn du mir etwas verkaufst, dann muβt du Deutsch sprechen” (“...but if you want to sell something to me, then you must speak German”). Nowadays, not everyone speaks English, but more importantly, not everyone wants to speak English. RixTrans translation company will help your company to cross any language barriers to succeed on international markets.

Other reasons why you should consider RixTrans Translation Company as your language service partner:

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