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Below you will find important instructions for a smooth invoicing process.

Please note that only those invoices that are created on the system are accepted and passed for the payment.

• Only invoices submitted electronically in our system are eligible for payment.
Invoices sent via email will not be processed.

• Please create one invoice for all your projects by the end of each month
(due to automated payment procedures we can only process one vendor invoice per month).

• Your invoice must be submitted within 6 months from the project delivery.
Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a 15% invoice recovery and processing fee

Invoicing steps

  1. Login to the system. 
    All orders that are completed and ready for invoicing will be displayed here. If you don’t see your project here, please contact the project manager who assigned you with the project.
  2. In main menu select Invoices tab and press Create new invoice button.
  3. Review the selected tasks. You may add additional tasks to your invoice by pressing the Add Jobs button.
  4. Enter the mandatory invoice details:
  • Invoice No.
  • Invoice date
  • Payment method
    If desired payment method is not listed here, please create/update your data by navigating to the Main menu Company Profile - Payments tab – Payment Method section.

    - For Wire transfers please enter your IBAN and SWIFT information.
    - For PayPal/Skrill payments please enter your account email address.

    Click Save and navigate to Invoices.
  • Upload the electronic copy of your invoice.
  • Press Create Invoice button.

Invoice status

To check your invoice status, please open Invoices section where you will find the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Total amount
  • Invoice due date
  • Invoice status

Mandatory personal information

To comply with the accountancy requirements set forth in the EU regulations it is essential that your invoice contains the following information that you can change/update at any time under your online vendor profile page:

  1. Your legal name (if the payment beneficiary is a legal company).
  2. Address, phone number and e-mail.
  3. Your tax registry number (VAT or any other relevant tax number).
  4. Payment Information: IBAN, SWIFT, bank name, bank address or relevant PayPal/Skrill account.

Payment terms and conditions

Available payment methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal

Payments are processed within 45 days from the invoice confirmation (at the fifteenth day of each month), provided that there are no open quality issues, unless there is an express agreement in place with the project manager concerned.
Only confirmed invoices with complete vendor profiles in accordance with the conditions described above will be passed for the payment.


No fee:
- PayPal.
- Bank wire transfers made in euro currency only.

€ 15.00 processing fee:
- For all bank transfers outside the European Union.
- For all transfers in other currencies than euro.

The total amount to be paid for individual tasks must be agreed prior to acceptance of the project. RixTrans will then prepare and send out a relevant Purchase Order. RixTrans is not obliged to pay any additional surcharges which are not agreed and presented on the Purchase Order.

Download the full version of the instructions here:
Download instructions here - RixTrans Translation Management