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Document Certification

 Certified Translation - Notarised Translation - Sworn Translation

A certified translation is usually required if you are submitting foreign-language documents to courts, governmental agencies, or non-governmental organizations such as universities, colleges and other institutions. There are different types of certification available, so it would be useful to check first exactly what kind of certification you need. RixTrans prepares certified translations in all foreign languages, and the work we provide is always valid and accepted in all governmental institutions throughout the world.

Notarized Translations

Notarized translations are processed in precisely the same way as certified translations, with one additional step. The translator has to sign the certification statement in front of a notary. Notarized translations must always be an exact reproduction of the source text in the target language and must include a clause from the certifying notary together with a round seal. The statement also has to be approved by means of the addition of the translator’s signature in order for it to be accepted by the courts and authorities. The RixTrans team of translators is able to provide notarized translations in almost all foreign languages and we can assure you that your documents will be accepted by all organizations on a worldwide basis.

Apostille and document legalization

Put simply, an apostille is a sheet of paper that is stapled to your document to legalize it for use in other countries. The apostillization process is as easy as it looks, and RixTrans employees will be happy to guide you through it. We collaborate with highly qualified linguists who reside all over the world, which gives us the opportunity to directly consult with them regarding local laws and apostille requirements as there could be minor differences in the apostillization procedure from country to country. 
Document legalization is required for documents which are intended to be used overseas in countries which work in compliance with the Hague Convention.

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation means that the document is signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator and is approved with our company stamp. Any document which is authorized by a sworn translator is valid and can be used as an official translation, but we always recommend that you check the level of certification required by the organization for which the translation is intended.
NB: Although original documents can be sent to us by any means (such as e-mail or fax), sworn translations can only be supplied on paper.

Certified Translations include:

  • Document translation and editing by two highly qualified linguists
  • A certified source document copy (if required by the client)
  • A printed copy of the translation
  • A signature by a sworn translator
  • Document delivery (DHL, UPS, ordinary post) if necessary
  • An electronic copy of the certified document (PDF)
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Your key benefits:

  • Sworn translators available in all major countries
  • Speed without compromising quality
  • Documents translated and certified for official use in all countries
  • One-stop certified language service provider
  • Document delivery via DHL, UPS or ordinary post
  • Competitive and honest pricing policy
  • Well-trained and customer-orientated project managers with over five years of experience in the language industry