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RixTrans delivers professional language services across Europe, Scandinavia, the US and Canada, including translations for all types of documents in all formats, to all lengths, and in all languages.
As a quality language translation service company, RixTrans’ goal is to deliver efficient language solutions, so that your company can attract more clients. We combine high quality, excellent client service and reasonable prices, as a result of which many of our customers order our services on an ongoing basis.
At RixTrans we have gathered over 1000 translators worldwide, people who only translate into their mother tongue. This is not only important for accuracy but also to be able to provide an in-depth knowledge of local language and cultural influences, ensuring any service errors are avoided. Every translator must pass a very strict qualification process which includes a subject-specific language test, verification of their past experience, a reference check, and a trial period in which prospective translators are screened not only for language proficiency, but also for technical knowledge, their ability to follow instructions, and on-time delivery. Only the best translators are retained in our database of active linguists.
For each assignment you will have a dedicated project manager, someone who will keep you up-to-date on your project, ensuring that your deadlines are met and that your document is allocated to an appropriately qualified and experienced translator. 
Without going too deep into the details, our quality assurance procedures include:
  1. A quality translation completed by a native speaker
  2. Document proofreading by a professional linguist
  3. Revision by another native speaker who specialises in your service field or manufacturing industry
Please contact us or continue browsing our website to find out more about how our language services can help you to grow your business!

RixTrans language translation = quality translation! Explore your benefits with:

  • Increased sales and business expansion with professionally translated international content
  • Reliability and confidence
  • Confidentiality. All of our staff, our linguists and other professionals have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements
  • Better brand image and an understanding of cultural identities and differences
  • Innovative solutions for complex situations
  • Friendly client service. We always try to offer added value and build an enduring relationship with all of our clients