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Editor service | Quality text translation and editing service
The editing service is the task of preparing written text material for publication, in terms of correcting, revising, or adapting it. The translation editing services offered by RixTrans include a comparison between source and target text and checking for any kind of error, such as inaccuracies in comprehension, meaning, grammar and punctuation, terminology, style, and any disagreement with the project's instructions.
We are currently collaborating with over 150 editors which allows us to undertake work of any subject in fifty different languages. The RixTrans core specialisation is editing texts for the marketing, IT, legal, medical, technical, telecommunications, government, finance and automotive industries, but we are always ready to accept any new challenges your company might have for us.
Every project carried out by RixTrans runs through a specific project life cycle, which might also be adapted to the specific needs of our clients. To ensure outstanding service quality we have adopted the following quality assurance process:
  1. Project preparation. We analyse the document content and make sure that client requirements are clear to the editor.
  2. Editor’s first look. The editor runs through the text and makes sure that it reads well.
  3. Monolingual editing. The editor detects sentences with awkward syntax and a meaning which is unclear, areas which may escape the editor's attention during the next steps. At this stage a comparison of the translation with the source text is not necessary.
  4. Source and target text comparison. The editor introduces changes if these are needed and tries to reduce subjectivity to a minimum.
  5. Final check. Once editing has been completed, the edited text is sent back to the translator who makes the final decision on whether or not to accept the proposed changes. Teamwork between the editor and translator is usually the key factor in achieving the highest quality of the final translation.
  6. Document delivery to the client. The edited document is delivered either via e-mail, an FTP server, or is sent out via the postal service if that is what is required by the client.
Please contact us for a free translation editing quote or continue browsing our website to find out more about how our language services can help you to grow your business.

Your Editing Service benefits:

  • Your texts are in the hands of native language professionals who are familiar with your terminology, context and topics
  • Careful work tailored to your needs by an experienced text editor
  • Free in-depth client consultations
  • Full project management included
  • Quality editing service available in over fifty languages
  • Delivery within the agreed deadline