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Translation Workflow

Each project, from the moment of its acceptance to the point of its delivery, is supervised by a dedicated RixTrans project manager who is responsible for project performance planning, the selection of the most suitable specialists for its completion, meeting agreed deadlines, and also to manage our top quality assurance.
All translations that are carried out by RixTrans go through a specific life-cycle, which can also be adapted to the needs of our clients. Our standard project delivery workflow consists of ten stages. Translation workflow and Quality Assurance steps for each project can be viewed in the graph below.


1. The client submits their documents and instructions.
2. We analyse the document content and make sure that your requirements and instructions are clear. Please send us the entire text to be translated and any relevant reference materials or prior translations (translation memories) that you have. This will prevent misunderstandings and ensure the accuracy of the quote and delivery deadline.
3. Quote preparation. When requesting a quote please remember to indicate the currency in which you would like the quote to be expressed.
4. Project confirmation. Prior to starting a project, the quote must be confirmed in writing. At this stage we will also request your full contact details and acceptance of all terms stated in the emails.


5. Translation. At this stage the RixTrans project manager selects the most experienced translator, someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, and also simultaneously reserves editing and QA resources.
6. Editing. Translated material is sent to editor an who compares it against the source text and checks its completeness and accuracy.

Review & Delivery

7. Proofreading and DTP. Proofreading is always carried out by language professionals with your industry or service-related background, thereby ensuring that it makes sense not only from the linguistic point of view, but also amongst your business community. If necessary, project files go to DTP. Any final issues relating to formatting, presentation or file format are resolved here.
8. Internal Quality Check. Prior to delivery, the project manager carries out a final check of the deliverables to ensure that they meet your requirements, are in accordance with your instructions, and are in the correct format.
9. Delivery. An electronic copy of the completed translation is returned back to the client via email. Hard copies are also available and may be sent out to you via normal post or shipped via DHL.
10. Post-Delivery Quality Assurance. We provide a 100% accuracy guaranty for all of our translations. If you are not completely satisfied with our translation, we will fix it, free of charge, until it meets your expectations.
Translation Workflow | RixTrans Translation Project Workflow