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Software localisation, Website localization service | RixTrans
Localization (localisation) is a part of our business that has grown rapidly during the past few years. RixTrans currently offers a wide array of localization services in all major languages to our clients and translation agencies worldwide.
The difference between translation and localization (localisation) is that text translation and proofreading is just one part of the process, and it is never a literal translation because localized text should be checked carefully and adapted to suit the local market’s needs. The other part of the localization process includes file preparation, a style guide and glossary creation, adapting graphics to the target markets, desktop publishing, quality assurance, testing and much more.
There are two types of services currently being offered by RixTrans:

1. Software localisation service

Software localisation means translating and adapting your software and phone applications from one language to another, ensuring that your software meets the needs of users who speak a specified language or live in a given culture. Software localisation service require not only excellent language skills, but also an understanding of software and its structure. Therefore, our project managers recruit only highly-qualified linguists with a strong IT background.

2. Website localization service

Website localisation is the process of translating and adapting your existing website to a local language and culture in the target market. The website translation process has been developed and improved at RixTrans through the years. As a result, all of our website translations run through a specific life-cycle which involves an analysis of your website, project preparation, TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading), bug fixing, a final review, and delivery in the agreed format.

Both localization service types have the same goal - growing your company sales and gaining a competitive advantage over regional competitors by communicating to your clients in their native languages.

To find out more about our software and website translation service, please contact us for a free quote or a localization consultation.

Your key benefits:

  • Increased credibility as a global company
  • Better brand recognition
  • Increased visibility on the web
  • A dedicated team of software localization experts
  • Support for over a hundred languages
  • Support for all computer platforms and programming languages
  • Fast delivery deadlines ensured by the latest language industry innovations
  • Confidentiality and friendly client service
  • Approved Quality Assurance procedures