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Website translation, website localization service | RixTrans

Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to a local language and culture in the target market.
RixTrans works only with providers whose target languages are their native languages, and who have levels of expertise in programming, linguistic and cultural knowledge.

The website translation process has been developed and improved at RixTrans over the years. As a result, all of our website translations run through a specific life-cycle which involves an analysis of your website, project preparation, TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading), bug fixing, a final review, and delivery in the agreed format.

Website localisation at RixTrans includes:

  • CMS localisation (Content management system) 
  • URL localisation
  • Title translation
  • Description translation
  • Keyword localisation
  • Translation of a file name to suit SEO requirements, along with the most frequently used keywords
  • Web site content translation to suit SEO requirements
  • Google AdWords, Google Places and other service localisation tasks

Multilingual websites - Your best way of entering international markets

An EU-wide survey finds that 90% of internet users prefer to surf online in their own language However, according to the study, 44% of such users felt that they were missing something interesting online because some websites are not in a language that they understand (European Commission).
A total of 55.2% of all websites are available only in the English language. This shows potential that is unused.(W3Techs) Although the English language is the most frequently used language in Europe, an EU survey showed that less than one in ten respondents understand two languages well enough to follow broadcast news (9%), read press articles (9%) and communicate online (7%). Only a small minority (3% or less) say that they understand at least three languages (European Commission).

RixTrans has experience in localising websites in all major European languages:
  • Eastern European languages:  Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian
  • Nordic languages:  Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic
To find out more about our website localization, SEO and keyword translation services, please contact us for a free quote or a localization consultation.
Also we would encourage you to read our blog for more information on the website localization process.

Your key benefits:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, and ASP support
  • Years of experience in multilingual website creation and localisation

More website translation stats:

  • English is spoken by 25% of the world’s population and it is the second language for more than 94% of the world’s population
  • A total of 230 languages are spoken in Europe
  • The European Union has 23 official and working languages
  • The number 23 is the average number of languages supported by the top 25 global websites in 2011 (Global By Design)