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Proofreading service and quality translation proofreaders | RixTrans
The proofreading service is the final step in the RixTrans Translation Quality Assurance process, and it is carried out once text editing and final revisions have taken place. The main objective of the proofreading process is to ensure that the translated document is absolutely perfect in terms of grammar and vocabulary. 
Translation proofreaders are required to check the documents for any of the following errors:
  • Misspellings
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Spacing
  • Typographical errors
  • Alignment
  • Fonts and style
Proofreaders in the translation industry are usually experienced translators with a good command of source and target languages. Our approach, however, is a bit different as proofreading is always carried out by language professionals with your industry or service-related background, thereby ensuring that it makes sense not only from the linguistic point of view, but also that it makes sense amongst your business community.
RixTrans currently cooperates with over 150 reliable proofreaders worldwide, which allows us to provide our clients with quality proofreading services in fifty major languages. Our proofreaders are experts in finding even the most obscure errors. Therefore, collaboration with RixTrans will ensure that your translated texts read smoothly and sound natural in the target language. Our core specialisation is text proofreading for the marketing, IT, legal, medical, technical, telecommunications, government, finance and automotive industries, but we are also open to any new challenges your company might have for us.
Please contact us for additional information or continue browsing our website to find out more about how our language services can help you to grow your business.

Your proofreading service benefits:

  • Proofreaders can transform a good translation into an excellent translation and provide an invaluable service for businesses who operate internationally or in multilingual markets
  • Our proofreaders always know the subject matter in-depth and they will express your message flawlessly
  • Our proofreaders will leave your readers with a lasting and memorable impression
  • RixTrans will get your business past the ‘good enough’ language standard