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Cookie Usage Policy

Cookie Usage Policy: Enhancing Your Digital Experience with RixTrans

Welcome to RixTrans, where we are committed to providing you with a refined online experience. Our website utilizes cookies to optimize functionality and streamline your visit. This policy outlines our approach to ensuring transparency and compliance with data privacy standards.

Definition of Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that our website stores on your computer or mobile device during your visit. These files serve as mechanisms to facilitate improved functionality and personalized user experiences. Importantly, the data collected through cookies is not employed for personal identification.

Categories of Cookies Used on

  1. Necessary Cookies: These form the foundation of our website, enabling essential functions such as page navigation and secure access.
  2. Statistics and Marketing Cookies: Collaborating with Google Analytics, we anonymously collect and analyze user interactions. This data assists us in understanding user behavior, refining website usability, and creating compelling content. Information gathered includes non-personal details like IP addresses, browser types, visited pages, and session durations.
  3. Functional Cookies: Designed to remember specific user preferences, such as adjustments to text size, these cookies contribute to a more tailored browsing experience.

User Control and Management of Cookies:

Users maintain the autonomy to control and delete cookies. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that disabling cookies may impact certain features of our website. Manual adjustments of preferences may be necessary during subsequent visits.

It is crucial to note that the information collected through cookies does not compromise personal identity. While enabling these cookies is not strictly mandatory for core website functionality, doing so ensures an optimal and personalized browsing experience.

For a comprehensive understanding of cookies, please refer to

We appreciate your attention to our Cookie Usage Policy.

The RixTrans Team