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Subtitling service for international business | RixTrans subtitles
The subtitling service is the process of adding text to various video materials, such as films, tv programmes, commercials, corporate presentations, video games, and other media materials.
RixTrans currently offers two types of service:
  1. Same language subtitling (also called captioning) which means preparing subtitles in the same language as the audio track. This service is commonly used for various e-learning and language courses, or for karaoke, and services for deaf persons and the hard-of-hearing.
  2. Subtitling across languages (interlingual subtitling) which means a translation of the source language into the target language in the form of one or more lines of synchronised written text. This service is usually used in the film and television industry.
A typical subtitling process consists of the following steps:
  • Receive source video material
  • Transcribe dialogue (unless it has already been transcribed)
  • Check time codes
  • Subtitle translation from source into target language (optional)
  • Preparing subtitles to ensure they match the dialogue
  • Review subtitles against video and audio
  • File conversion into requested format
  • File delivery to the client
With the RixTrans subtitle translation services, your company’s video message will be delivered to your clients in their mother tongue as we work only with the most experienced specialists and quality managers in the industry. The result we promise is an  enjoyable and accurate version of the original material which is fully compatible with your requirements.
Please contact us for additional information or continue browsing our website to find out more about how our language services can help you to grow your business.

Your subtitling service benefits:

  • Subtitles will help your company to reach a wider audience
  • Subtitles do not distract or annoy people in the way that voice-overs sometimes can
  • Subtitles work beautifully in crowded places (supermarkets, exhibition halls, etc).
  • Subtitles help to retain the flavour of originality in the original material
  • RixTrans offers subtitles in over fifty languages
  • Fast delivery deadlines ensured by the latest language industry innovations