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Receiving and Completing Assignments

1. Job announcement

Once a PM has assigned you for a job you will receive an e-mail notification containing all basic information about the project.

2. File downloading from the Job Manager

To download all source files and accompanying project-related references, click on “Open Job Manager”. Once you have opened Job Manager, you will be directed to the project page.
On the left side you can see all project files and their status:
  • Source files
  • Reference files (and other project-related files, such as TMs, terminology lists etc.)
    • In order to download files, simply click on the file or “Download all” in upper right corner.
Please note that all project related instructions that has to be followed are also available here.

3. File Uploading

Once you have finished your work please press on the same “Open Job Manager” link that you received in your first e-mail and you will be directed to the Job Manager page again.
On the right side you will see file uploading screen.
  • To upload files, press “Add files” button you should use to add the final deliverables.
  • Once files are uploaded, new window will appear: “Notes to project manager”. Feel free to add any relevant information about the project to the PM if necessary.
  • Once the above steps are completed, please press “I finished the job
  • In case you deliver files in batches and more files are expected later, please press “I did part of the job”.

Note that official PO and other job-related instructions will be sent to you in separate e-mail.
IMPORTANT! Only after all files have been properly uploaded back into the system the project is considered as delivered.
NOTE: To learn more please follow the link below and watch a short video presentation of our system’s features:

Download the full version of the instructions here:
Download instructions here - RixTrans Translation Management System