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A1 Format for Digest

The Challenge

A legal company submitted seven building plans in A1 format. These plans required translation from Russian into Latvian for a court proceeding. In addition, it was necessary to notarise all translations. One of challenges (besides a high quality translation, of course) was to provide the translation in the same format as the source files.

The Solution 

The client was introduced to the specific workflow of this project. In order to manage the translation, the time was broken down into specific tasks, including preparing the target files into A1 format and notarising the translations for the given deadline.
A technical translator who specialises in construction was assigned to this job.
The translator:
  • was translating into his mother tongue;
  • is a resident of the Republic of Latvia;
  • has a university degree or equivalent in the specialist area;
  • has at least five years proven experience as a professional translator;
  • has at least two proven customer references;
  • has received between 8-10 points for test translations, thus ensuring a high quality of translation;
  • has signed the non-disclosure agreement to ensure a strict confidentiality.
The job was quite tricky, as the source files were sent via e-mail, and it required constant scrolling and moving of each file to find the appropriate place that required translation. Despite all difficulties, the translator rose to the challenge with gusto. RixTrans was content that the job would be done properly and on time.
RixTrans' internal team scanned all A1 files, performed a final quality check, ensured the DTP (the text was modified using Adobe Photoshop), printed all files in A1 format, folded client-ready building plans for notarisation (it required special folding) and delivered them to the notary.

The Results

Taking into account all the client's individual needs, it was possible to agree with the client upon the best rate and deadline that would suit both parties. Both the client and RixTrans were satisfied with the result.

Industry: Construction/Law
Customer country: Latvia
Language combination: RU - LV
Word count: ~ 1000
Assigned linguists: 1 mother tongue linguist and DTP specialist
Time: 2 days