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Personalized Subtitling

The Challenge No 3

The client sent us a request for a subtitling job of five video files from English into all three Baltic languages. These were marketing videos for a world-known health product company. The total video length was 140 minutes for each language (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian). In order to ease the work and save some budget, the client had already transcribed the text and translated it. However, the transcription format was not compatible with any subtitling programme, the time code was incorrect and translation contained errors and did not comply with length limitations.

The Solution

The client was informed about the existing complications and potential consequences should they decide not to correct the time code or edit the translation. The project specific workflow was set up and offered to the client:
  • Editing of existing translations into each language;
  • File conversion in subtitling format file .srt;
  • Time code synchronisation with the video file;
  • Inserting subtitles in video files;
  • Video conversion in AVI format;
  • Final video check.
This took a fair amount of time, as workflow had to be fully re-organized.

The Results

The text was rewritten in terms of style, grammar, format, time codes and overall adaption to subtitling. A total of five .srt (subtitle format) files with more than 2000 time codes were created for each language and final – client-ready video was exported.
The client was informed about the first steps that must be taken if they have similar project, in order to save time and money next time.

Industry: Healthcare
Customer country: Latvia/Russia
Language combination: EN – LV, LT, ET
Total volume: 420 minutes (5 video presentations)
Assigned linguists: 5 mother tongue linguist and 1 subtitling specialist for each language
Time: 5 days