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Through many years of experience in providing professional translations, we have developed several areas of industry expertise in which we have the largest capacity and can offer the best value for money:
  • Banking and Finance Translations: company information, credit card and payroll services, articles of incorporation, litigation documents, training materials, bond and equity prospectuses, initial public offerings and bankruptcies
  • Document Translations: academic certificates, business materials, contracts, CVs and application forms, official documents, passports/personal documents and troubleshooting guides
  • IT and Software Translations: eLearning materials, product specifications, installation manuals and CAD, websites, operating systems, anti-virus software and patent documents
  • Market Research Translations: customer surveys and questionnaires, transcripts of meetings and complex research reports
  • Media and Entertainment Translations: computer games, press releases, TV shows and YouTube clips
  • Medical Translations: case report forms (CRFs), clinical protocols, clinical trials, dossiers, drug registration documentation, instructions for use (IFUs), investigator brochures, package inserts and labels, patient information, patient reported outcomes (PROs), product labels, production manuals and toxicology reports
  • Legal Translations: Service-level agreements (SLAs), Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), contracts, transcripts, patents, terms and conditions, litigation discovery documents, reviews and testimonials
  • PR and Marketing Translations: press releases, website content, brochures, marketing materials, banners, ad campaigns, market surveys and press releases
  • Sports Translations: news stories, press kits, website content, blog posts, sales brochures, events marketing material, legal contracts and product documentation
  • Technology and Science Translations: CAD drawings, engineering specifications, enterprise systems, graphics and CAD, hardware components and UI, installation manuals, operating manuals, product specifications and manuals, safety manuals, software applications, technical proposals, technical specifications, training materials, troubleshooting guides and user manuals
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Translations: tourist brochures, guidebooks, promotional offers, travel articles, restaurant menus, in-flight magazines, travel agreements and travel insurance policies.