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Dubbing Service & Voice Over | Audio translation in all languagesDubbing is the act of replacing dialogue, sound, or a language to fit the needs of a film. In simple terms, it means re-recording the original sound recording when we replace original voices or sounds in  the language our client has requested. Dubbing service nowadays is becoming more and more popular as large companies choose to advertise themselves in the language of their target market in order to achieve a wider audience and to enable them to be able to deliver their message more effectively. There is no difference for us if you are the owner of a boutique or if you run a large international business. If you require the translation and recording of video material then our team will take care of the whole dubbing process and will deliver you the best possible results.

RixTrans offers voice over services for:

  • Films
  • TV and radio advertisements
  • Games
  • Educational media
  • Software
  • Multimedia applications
RixTrans maintains a comprehensive voiceover and dubbing team across the world, and we regularly look to update our database with professional and multifarious voice actors who will match our customer requirements. Our dubbing services are also becoming popular amongst international organisations who want to localise their international commercials and YouTube clips into the language of the particular country or region.

RixTrans dubbing service process

  1. The client submits video files and instructions
  2. We analyse the video files and make sure that all of the requirements are clear
  3. Actor selection, in which we send three or four voice samples to the client from voice actors that we think would be best suited to the particular project
  4. Video file transcription and time code burn-in reference preparation
  5. Video file translation
  6. Translation adaptation, where sometimes a translation is not enough for effective dubbing and the script has to be adapted. At RixTrans we have skilled editors who can rewrite a translated script into a version that is suitable for dubbing by respecting the original content and creating a fresh adaptation for the target language
  7. Recording and voiceovers
  8. Editing and mixing
  9. Client’s approval
  10. Final video file delivered in the agreed format
RixTrans dubbing services are available in all major European languages:
  • Eastern European languages:  Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian
  • Nordic languages:  Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic
Please contact us  now for a free consultation, and our knowledgeable project managers will provide you with free voice samples or a detailed dubbing quote. We also recommend that you read the voice-over section to learn more about audio-visual material localisation.

Your key benefits:

  • According to recent marketing research, a large number of people are actually listening to the TV while they do something else entirely around the house. Dubbing allows them to do multiple things and still keep track of the onscreen action
  • Dubbing is suitable for viewers with a visual impairment (such as, for example, elderly people)
  • We collaborate only with voice actors who speak the native language, and who reside in the particular target country
  • Working closely with an experienced team of professionals
  • Providing a variety of the most popular file formats (.mp3, .wav, .aif, etc)
  • Encoding and transcoding solutions, including PAL, NTSC, and HD broadcasts, video on demand, the internet, mobile and smart phones, games consoles, mp3 players, and tablet PCs