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Precise and reliable legal translation service at discounted ratesIf your companie’s legal department does business overseas, then a precise and efficient handling of your legal documents into multiple languages is essential.
With so much is riding on every single word, absolute accuracy is a must in the translation of legal texts. The inaccuracies of instant web translation are far less amusing when it's you on the receiving end: a poor legal translation can cost dearly, which is why contacting a professional legal translation service company like RixTrans is such a valuable investment.
Precision and attention to detail. RixTrans legal translators are meticulous in their handling of legal jargon and professional in their navigation of complex legal systems. Not only that, but our hard-working project managers ensure your job is handled by expert translators who know exactly what is expected of them and the importance of the legally binding contracts and confidential documents they've been entrusted with.
Confidentiality is vital when it comes to legal documents, which is why you can be assured all your texts are handled with the utmost discretion. 
Quickly and timely. You know as well as we do that in the business world, paperwork needs to be on your desk yesterday. We may not be able to turn back time, but we can promise a timely, speedy delivery on documents necessary for upcoming deals and meetings.
How it works. After initially approaching us, we'll assign a dedicated project manager to the project to assign the correct translator for the task, not only for the language combination but also for the specific legal area: RixTrans translators specialise in a wide range of laws, from construction and environmental law to the fields of entertainment and media, healthcare and energy, to name but a few: we'll ensure your documents are in just the right expert hands.
From antitrust to intellectual property and corporate litigation, our team of dedicated translators can handle all forms of litigation law. We have experts in banking, real estate, capital markets and dispute resolution; in investment management, foreign trade, intellectual property, medical malpractice and personal injury. From government and EU contracts to complex overseas tax laws, we guarantee your legal texts will be promptly returned in the target language - and offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Please contact us for more information or look further around our website to learn more about how our translation services can help your company to grow your business internationally.

Benefits of choosing RixTrans legal translation service

  • As our valued client, you will be serviced by a dedicated project manager who will carefully select the team of linguists who are best suited for your assignment, based on previous translation experience and the language you require.
  • Legal document translation service is available round the clock thank to our wide network of trusted translators from all around the world.
  • RixTrans adheres to a wide variety of national and international translation standards. We go above and beyond these standards because we pride ourselves on producing accurate, error-free document translations within the most demanding delivery deadlines. Therefore each of your documents will pass our stringent quality checks that includes careful editing, proofreading and final revision by practicing lawyer whose mother tongue is the target language.
  • You can also have your documents certified by sworn legal translator or at the notary. A sworn translation means that the document is signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator and is approved with our company stamp. Notarized legal translations are processed in precisely the same way, with one additional step. The translator has to sign the certification statement in front of a notary. Please check the level of certification required with the organization for which your document translation is intended.
  • Whatever is the scale of your translation project, RixTrans offers competitive pricing and guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery.