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Affordable medical translation service you can trustNowhere, perhaps, is a reliable and accurate translation more important than in the medical sector, where life and death decisions are taken on a daily basis based upon transcripts and documents often faxed and mailed thousands of miles across the globe.
From the pharmaceutical industry to hospital management, medical professionals need to convey information quickly and effectively. At RixTrans, we offer expert medical translation of a wide range of products, from scientific journal articles, clinical trial documentation and patient report outcomes to training manuals and product labels.
Who uses a medical translation service? Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, healthcare managers, biotech companies and manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, all of whom understand the importance of communicating clear, accurate information into multiple languages.
If you are currently under pressure to get a product onto new or existing markets, our comprehensive localization service of press releases, websites, brochures, presentations and newsletters can help bring your message to clients across the world.
We are experienced in drug registration (EU and FDA) through all levels, from pre-marketing evaluation to post-marketing review and risk analysis.
If you have a requirement for large volumes, just ask. As a prospective client, you can be assured of a prompt quotation and personal service from one of our team of committed project managers, whose job it is to plan every project in detail according to its individual needs and specifications.
Specialist knowledge It is of course vital that medical translations be undertaken by a linguist with a professional level of medical knowledge (MD or equivalent), well versed in complex medicine terminology. You wouldn't want your instructions for a surgeon translated by a computer, and neither do we: we know how seriously you take your job and pursue ours with a similar degree of integrity.
Medicine texts are highly sensitive documents and RixTrans takes your confidentiality requirements very seriously. Rigorous quality controls are taken at all stages of a project to ensure 100% approval, both for yourself and the end user. Your satisfaction is our best reward.
Please do continue to browse our website to learn more about how our language services can help your business, or contact us for more information.

Benefits of Using RixTrans Medical Translation Service

  • As our valued client, you will be serviced by a dedicated project manager who will carefully select the team of linguists who are best suited for your assignment, based on previous medical experience and the language you require.
  • Medical translation service is provided by experienced experts who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of medicine terms in both source and target languages.
  • Each medical document or research before its delivery will go through careful editing, proofreading and quality assurance process by qualified linguist or doctor whose mother tongue is the target language.
  • Your documents will be translated by using the most up-to-date technologies, specialized medicine dictionaries and other aids to achieve the consistency and accuracy throughout all your assignments.
  • You can also have your documents certified by sworn medical translator. Certified medical translation service is subject to a small additional fee to be agreed separately. Please note that normally it takes 1 business day to certify the document by notary or a sworn translator.
  • Whatever is the scale of your project, RixTrans offers competitive pricing and guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery.
  • Your medical documents can be easily translated within just a few hours thank to our vast database of more than 2000 professional linguists. Please contact us for your rush translation quote.