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PR and Marketing Translation | RixTrans LtdLike no other industry, the advertising sector requires talented translators that can take a marketing text written in one language and retain the same message and effectiveness in another language, without losing the flow or wordplay.
Transcreation, or the ability to effectively translate PR copy so that it rolls off the tongue completely naturally, is a juggling act between copywriting and translation, and it can only be done by skilled humans. This isn't a literal approach - our translators possess an innate ability to convey the subtle nuances normally 'lost in translation', avoiding too the use of clichés or obscure or out-of-date idioms.
Our expert marketing translators are fluent in their source language and native speakers in their target language. They can accurately translate content for a different culture that conveys the same message.
Naturally, any liberties taken by the translator to localise your text for the new audience will be discussed with you first, to ensure it does not compromise your brand integrity. We will find the right translators to suit your brand and use them whenever possible for all your assignments, thus building up an understanding of your aims and objectives.

We offer a full range of services

We can translate all forms of PR and marketing texts, including website content, brochures, marketing materials, banners, ad campaigns, market surveys and press releases. And our job doesn't just end there: our committed project managers stick with you until the task is completed, and can offer graphic design and DTP services if required.
Our linguists and project managers are able to work in almost all software, including InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop and PowerPoint.
We can also proofread your own texts. Our skilled text editors will check not only for spelling and grammar errors, but also for flow and tone of voice.
We ensure complete confidentiality and privacy on all projects, and respect your need for a quick turnaround. We can offer speedy delivery at no cost to the quality we place on all our projects, and offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
Do browse our website to see what we can offer your business or call today to discuss a specific project with us; our team are only too happy to help.