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Technology, Science and Patent translationTechnological advances are being made faster than many people can keep up with. From computer chips to nanotechnology, things are getting smaller and more digitised. In an increasingly technological world, the written word is struggling to keep up.
Science, with its use of numbers and symbols, is a universal language. The words that are used to explain it, however, are not. In order to translate complicated scientific or technological content, a translator needs to have expert knowledge of the subject matter, and to be able to understand complex chemical or mathematical formulas in addition to the source language.
In addition to availing ourselves of linguists who are native speakers in the target language, RixTrans uses innovative CAT software to ensure speed and precision. Our tailored glossaries are a goldmine of scientific and technical terminology.
In addition, our translators are supported by a team of project and vendor managers and graphic designers based in-house who ensure your package arrives localised, correctly formatted and on time in your inbox when you need it. Should your project involve engineering specifications or drawings, we ensure layout is preserved in its entirety.
Should your Chinese contact require a feasibility report by tomorrow morning or your German partner a copy of the latest environmental study by EOB today, we can have the package ready on time without any loss of accuracy or precision. Likewise, if you are looking for someone to provide a correct translation of your patents and contracts, regulatory documents, scientific journals or technical manuals, we are just a phone call away.
Our technology translation services cover biomedical, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, computer, engineering, RFID and consumer electronics, to name just a few of the sectors we serve.
Call us today to discuss how we can help provide global coverage for your scientific innovation. We are so convinced of our expertise that we often a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.