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Media and Entertainment (games)The media and entertainment sector is a youthful, fast-growing industry where things are never the same today as they were yesterday. You know as well as we do the importance of staying ahead of the game and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, developments and jargon when it comes to developing content and marketing texts.
Thankfully, our team of translators know this too, and all our media and entertainment linguists are experts with experience in this field. They possess an understanding, not just of the language but also the culture and values of your target audience - and this can be seen in their work.
Media and entertainment translation is much more than just a literal translation: in order to be done effectively, the translated text should creatively adapt, localise and paraphrase the source text. RixTrans' expert media and entertainment translators will ensure that what is funny in one language is neither incomprehensible nor offensive in another, whether the assignment is to localise a successful video game or to translate timely news items.
What your end customers enjoy as pure amusement is serious business for our translators, as we strive to communicate and entertain a target market that come from all demographics. We offer a fast turnaround for a fast-paced industry in everything from game localisation, marketing material and content development to voiceovers, subtitling and dubbing.
RixTrans uses the latest innovative translation software to ensure high productivity, greater accuracy and that you as customer don't have to pay for repeated content. Our base of freelance expert translators are ably assisted by a team of in-house project managers and graphic designers that can deliver a full-service package, including layout and quality assurance. We're so confident of our quality service that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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