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Sports Translation Service | RixTrans LtdWhether it's golf or rugby, tennis or football, the sports industry is international. Matches and tournaments are followed by an audience all over the world, and sponsorship deals range from the multinational to the localised.
  • Are you a sports organisation looking to expand your reach to new countries?
  • A leisure facility hoping to raise your profile internationally?
  • Or are you hoping to market a great new training product?
Sport is a universal language, but the text used to promote sporting events is not. That's where we come in. Our team of specialised linguists understand the sports and recreation sector, keeping themselves up-to-date on current trends and events. Here at RixTrans, we can translate everything from news stories, press kits, website content, blog posts and sales brochures to events marketing material, legal contracts and product documentation.
All our sports and recreation translators are native speakers of the target language. We are available at short notice, and offer a speedy, reliable and cost-effective service that also includes post-editing, proofreading and layout, if required.
Whether your business is a sports club or a sports media outlet, athletic equipment supplier or are simply sponsoring a specific sporting event, RixTrans has a solution tailored to your sporting needs. Feel free to browse further around our website or call us up to discuss a particular leisure event or product you would like promoting globally.